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Camera Manta on RTMaps

edited October 2020 in Cameras

Hello, I'm Mathieu a french student who work on RTMaps for a project in my last year of studies in ENSISA's engineering school !

We want to acquire some images from the camera Manta thanks to RTMaps to use them on the autonomous car.

We want to know if it's possible to acquire an image from the camera manta in RTMaps directly with the python bridge and the image viewer or are we obligated to used a different way (by example with CVB - Common Block Vision library using the CVB application)?

Thank you in advance for your answer.

Cordially, Mathieu.


Best Answer

  • TeoTeo
    edited October 2020 Accepted Answer


    You could indeed do it with the python_bridge and the python wrapper for Allied Vision's Vimba C API : pymba ( But that would mean you have to integrate it yourself, we do not have a ready-made script.

    However, we do offer a component that uses this SDK called rtmaps_camera_allied_vision.pck which already integrate the Vimba API into RTMaps. You could simply add this pck to your diagram, configure the component with your device and it's done. No coding required.

    ps : I took the liberty to move this discussion in the Cameras category


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