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What is RTMaps ?

edited October 2020 in General

RTMaps stands for Real-Time Multisensor applications, it's a component-based development and execution software tool used to prototype, design, develop, test, benchmark, visualize, validate and execute multisensors applications such as advanced driver assistance sytems (ADAS) and highly automated driving (HAD) software functions in the automotive but also advanced features in robotics, energy, human factors.

RTMaps was initially developed by center or Robotics of Mines ParisTech in 1998. Intempora has been founded in 2000 . Since more than 20 years the company edit, develop, enhance the technology.

RTMaps enables testing and development of advanced capabilities for managing multiple high-bandwith data streams from various sensors (cameras, lidars, radars, CAN bus, GPS etc). RTMaps adresses applications like perception, data fusion, decision making, driver monitoring, data recording. It also provides capabilities to synchronize recording, playback and replay offline development, so you can easily switch between off-line work and testing vehicles in real-time.

In June 2020, after a long-standing strategic partnership, Intempora has been acquired by dSPACE Group to strenghten the software portfolio dedicated to autonomous driving.

Feel free to know more about RTMaps:

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