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Lidar Point Cloud packages

I am trying a simple Segmentation, Clustering and Bounding Box generation based off a Lidar pointcloud.

Is there a way to do this with existing blocks?

So far I have only found the BoundingBox block in the 3D pck.

It does draw a box around the whole pointcloud, so I am guessing that I need clusters as an input. However I cannot find any pointcloud processing besides geometric transformations and the former pck.

Since similar things exist for camera/video/image processing exists, I thought RTMaps has something to offer in that direction.

Is there a way without writing my own blocks?





  • Hi,

    Not yet as far as I know.

    RTMaps does not integrate by default many off-the-shelf algorithms for computer vision/point cloud processing/data fusion or so.

    You can write your own components or integrate third-party algorithms either in C++ (with the RTMaps SDK), in Python (using the rtmaps_python_bridge package) or with Simulink (using the Simulink coder generator, the RTMaps TLC target, for RTMaps).

    A library such as PCL (Point Cloud Library) should help I guess.

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