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RTMaps product

hello everyone,

Please, what is the difference between the three products RTMaps, RTMaps Embedded, RTMaps AI store.

Thank you

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    RTMaps is the main tool (RTMaps Developer for developing diagrams and components and RTMaps Runtime for just executing RTMaps-based apps and deployment), available for PC architectures (x86_64) on either Windows or Ubuntu LTS.

    RTMaps Embedded are specific distributions for RTMaps Runtime compiled for embedded boards, most of the time based on ARM-CPUs. For instance RTMaps for NVidia Jetson or Drive series, Renesas boards, NXP boars, or even Raspberry Pi. There is also an extension on top of RTMaps Studio, called the RTMaps Remote Studio which allows to connect to a remote RTMaps Runtime engine (like executing on such an embedded board) from a Studio running on a remote PC. That makes it easy to develop RTMaps applications on such embedded targets.

    Checkout, bottom of the page, "RTMaps Runtime for Embedded platforms" with installer downloads and a Quick Start PDF.

    The RTMaps AI Store is a place where Intempora publishes some algorithms from their partners that are available in the form of off-the-shelf RTMaps components. They are not included with the standard RTMaps distribution.

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