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Ouster Lidar OS1-32 on NVIDIA Jetson

Hello, I have a problem with logging or reading data from the lidar. (Ouster OS1-32)

If I'm connected to lidar using a windows PC, RTMaps works properly.

If I'm connected to a Jetson AGX Xavier (jetpack 4.4), it gives me an error.

Error: component OS_1_LIDAR_Decoder_1: wrong vector size, expecting 12608

However, if I have a UDP stream logged and saved it as .rec and then I play it all on a Windows PC, then I'm fine.

Why does OS_1LIDAR_Decoder_1 expect 12608 vector size?

If I give the device ID an IP address he can find the calibration on that jetson, that means he should know what Lidar it is, right?


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