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I need driver for GMSL camera connected to NVIDIA CHIP

edited March 3 in Cameras

Hi ,

I need GMSL camera in RTMaps , How can I import existing Video4Linux of Camera driver for GMSL Cameras . Or is there any existing driver that I can use .

I need to write or develop my own .pck file how can I acheive developing my own .pck file what documentation is available ? .

I can see the webcam is supported from this page how to get the file rtmaps_webcam.pck ? .

Are there any development guide to write the V4L camera driver for GMSL cameras? .

In the training video I see there are multiple Sensors in the list including WebCam . When I installed RTMaps I see there are only 3 sensors in the list Joystick , Mouse and Keyboard.

Also how can I get Webcam in the sensors List .

On my installation I have only 3 sensors.

In the demo video I have the screen shot there are lot of sensors :

Thanks and best regards.

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